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One of the many abandoned farms of Windsward.

Windsward is a territory known for its many abandoned farmlands, seaside cliffs, rocky woodlands, and river-streaked fields of Hemp and Bison.

Main Features


Points of Interest

POI Type Area Level
Amrine Temple Ancient Temple Noblereach 20-21
Breakwater Bulwark Ancient Buttress Cascade Harbor 23
Buccaneer Creek Pirate Shipwreck Perilbrook 13
Buccaneer Falls Pirate Shipwreck Perilbrook 15
Bullrush Wash Abandoned Campsite Grenville 11
Carina Ancient Tower Noblereach 19-21
Cooper's Ranch Abandoned Farm Village Grenville 8-12
Cygnus Ancient Tower Noblereach 20-21
Dankfur Hollow Wolf Den Eldergate 6
Delphinus Ancient Tower Stout March
Fallswatch Overlook Ancient Ruins Perilbrook 19
Harplass Homestead Abandoned Village Primrose 17-18
Hecker's Haven Pirate Shipwreck Cascade Harbor 24
Inkwell Cave Wolf Den Green Haven 6
Kannan Tomb Ancient Sphere Ruins Noblereach 6-7
Merrill's Place Abandoned Farm Village Grenville 9-10
Mesnard's Might Shipwreck Fury Bay 2
Moe's Farm Abandoned Farm Village Eldergate 13-14
Octans Ancient Tower Stout March N/A
Pride of Puckett Pirate Shipwreck Cascade Harbor 24
Ruskin's Redemption Shipwreck Fury Bay 3
Scratchrock Burrow Bear Den Eldergate 16
Stoneview Seabreak Ancient Ruins Cascade Harbor 24
The Crown of Corpora Shipwreck Fury Bay 2
The Satisfaction Shipwreck Fury Bay 4
Torrentdawn Cave Cave Fury Bay 4-5
Valley View Mirador Ancient Ruins Perilbrook 19
Willette's Homestead Abandoned Farm Village Primrose 17-19
Windsward (settlement) Settlement Green Haven
Windsward Fort Fortress Stout March
Windsward Watchtower Watchtower Fury Bay