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Satchels increase the amount of weight you can carry in your inventory and have their own set of perks as well! Satchels can be made using the armoring skill at an Outfitting Station.

List of Satchels

NameTierLevelEffectsGear ScoreSourceBOPCrafting ExpResource
Coarse Leather Adventurers Satchel25Improves Encumbrance by 80.0 - 180.0200-300Outfitting StationNo+972 Armoring45x Coarse Leather
25x Linen
10x Iron Ingot
1x Minor Rune of Holding
Coarse Leather Porters Duffel25Improves Encumbrance by 105.0 - 205.0200-300 NoN/AN/A
Infused Leather Adventurers Satchel560Improves Encumbrance by 60.0 - 360.0500-600Outfitting StationNo+12555 Armoring45x Infused Leather
25x Infused Silk
10x Orichalcum Ingot
1x Grand Rune of Holding
Infused Leather Porters Duffel560Improves Encumbrance by 110.0 - 410.0500-600 NoN/AN/A
Layered Leather Adventurers Satchel440Improves Encumbrance by 105.0 - 305.0400-500Outfitting StationNo+6075 Armoring45x Layered Leather
25x Silk
10x Starmetal Ingot
1x Greater Rune of Holding
Layered Leather Porters Duffel440Improves Encumbrance by 130.0 - 330.0400-500 NoN/AN/A
Rugged Leather Adventurers Satchel320Improves Encumbrance by 90.0 - 240.0300-400Outfitting StationNo+2430 Armoring45x Rugged Leather
25x Sateen
10x Steel Ingot
1x Major Rune of Holding
Rugged Leather Porters Duffel320Improves Encumbrance by 115.0 - 265.0300-400 NoN/AN/A
Worn Travelers Satchel20Improves Encumbrance by 50.0150Inspecting the GoodsNoN/AN/A