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Rapiers are a one-handed weapon type in New World.


A quick oriented melee weapon with a variety of quick lunge attacks. Excels at precise timing and outmaneuvering opponents while applying bleeds that gradually drain the target's health. Rapier damage scales with Intelligence and dexterity. Light attacks deal 100% thrusting weapon damage, while light middle swipes deal 66% thrusting weapon damage, but are faster than normal attacks. Heavy attacks deal 133% thrusting weapon damage.

Damage Types


  • Low ability cooldowns.
  • High uptime on Bleed.


  • Cannot be used with a shield.
  • Cannot block attacks.


Rapiers have two masteries. The Blood weapon mastery tree focuses on applying stacks of the bleed status effect to enemies and then “popping” those stacks for big damage with Flourish and Finish. The Grace weapon mastery tree focuses on evasion, counterattacking, and talented blade work with the rapier.[1]

Legendary Quest

The legendary quest for Frozen Lament can be started at level 60, and talking with Ranger Herath in Mountainrise Outpost, Shattered Mountain. You are required to recover components, and deliver them to Ranger Madaki in Mountainhome.[1]

List of Rapiers