New World Wiki

As New World and its community grows and changes, the wiki and its administrative team must also grow and adapt. If you wish to discuss rules with the admins, please utilize the Wiki Rules Talk Page.

In order to keep the wiki free of spam and unnecessary items, there are a few rules and guidelines for editing and creating pages. See also: Style Guide

The Basics

  • Respect the New World NDA (non-disclosure agreement). Absolutely no content under the NDA will be tolerated on the wiki. Content not under NDA is free game, which consists of: content from the Preview, Beta, or Release, or anything posted on New World's official social media outlets that is public.
  • Respect the New World ToS (terms of service).
  • Be kind and respectful in all comments, blogs, pages, or anywhere on the wiki. If what you are typing is not kind, respectful, or helpful, stop typing it. Also no harassing, bullying, discrimination or trolling. No racism, religion hate, sexism, any - ism or hate speech. No sexual harassment or uninvited advances. Absolutely no NSFW, pornographic content, gore. etc. in any channel.
  • Do not post your, or anyone else’s, personal information. This includes addresses, phone numbers, information seen in photos/pictures, or any other information that could use to identify someone.

External Content

  • Linking to other New World resources is only permittable with approval from administration. At this time, the only approved website that may be linked to at any time is or the associated MapGenie. NWDB has been very helpful to us and our editors for quite some time, and this working relationship benefits both parties. Xyo at NWDB has also granted us permissions to use the images found on his website on the wiki. Do NOT use information from the written guides unless you receive permission from the other, and show it to an admin.
  • For all else: do not plagiarize or copy/paste content from other websites that was not written by you. This also applies to images you did not take.

Videos & Infographics

  • At this time, only videos and infographics created by Amazon Game Studios or any of their New World social media channels are allowed on the wiki. This rule was created in part due to excessive edit spamming of YouTubers self-promoting their own channel on our pages.