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  • The wiki encourages editors to make an edit whenever they see an article that needs improving. Whether it be something as minor as a spelling mistake, or something larger like gaps in the facts provided, don't be afraid to jump in and improve it. However, the wiki expects editors to be more circumspect when it comes to editing templates. The design and layout of the wiki's templates have been carefully considered; as such please consult an admin if you wish to propose a major change.
  • While the wiki does not expect editors to use an academic tone, there is still an expectation that articles maintain some level of formality. Avoid writing in first person or using words such as "you".
  • Whenever there are significant changes to an article, please leave an explanation in the edit summary. If the change is minor (spelling or adding links, etc.) there is less of a need to explain, though editors are welcome to.
  • Always sign comments on talk pages with four tildes (~~~~).


  • Keep speculation to a minimum. Anecdotal evidence should be confined to an article's talk page where it must be verified before inclusion in the article.
  • This isn't the place to self-promote your Twitch account or YouTube channel.
  • Do not directly copy another author's words. Instead, take any relevant information and properly paraphrase it to fit the tone of the wiki. Remember to reference any paraphrased information.
  • Don't use images on the wiki that you did not create or take in the game. (See exceptions for NWDB images below)
  • Don't redirect Pages to its Category page.
  • Don't edit in content from the Public Test Realm build until it is live.


  • Due to our working relationship with, it is permitted to utilize information posted there (including images and screenshots of the map) on the wiki, to a reasonable extent. This applies to the database and map portion - NOT the written guides section. Do not blatantly copy and paste entire pages (sections, even large ones, are fine - but not the entire page because it doesn't look good on the wiki), and always link to in the article if you use its information. Same with MapGenie. Use the following formats in the hyperlink:
    • NWDB pages: [URL HERE]
    • For map links/screenshots: [URL HERE MapGenie]
  • Despite the general Fandom standard of using sentence-style capitalization in headers (example: Points of interest), this wiki uses title-style capitalization in all headers. Example: Points of Interest
  • Use <!--Categories--> and <!--Interwiki--> at the bottom of pages whenever possible. Please add them if they are not present.
  • Use the in-game term of "Story" rather than "quest" whenever possible. Though the game uses both, Story is more visible and present.
  • The first use of the page's name on its page should be hyperlinked, but not the other instances that follow. An easy way to do this is [[{{PAGENAME}}]].


  • Images should be uploaded with the extension of .PNG or .png. JPG images in any form are discouraged. Please convert to .png before uploading. Note that some infoboxes specifically use .PNG (in caps) for automatic image placement.
  • Images from with in the game should have all UI removed (command is Alt+H in game), and not contain other player/company names or other personal information.
  • Images should have names and categories relevant to their content.


Please check for an infobox before creating a page. Common ones used are:

This wiki has some automatic infoboxes, that are edited by using the associated Module. Example: Module:BasicItems/data. We are migrating away from use of these. Please use the non-automatic infoboxes on new or existing pages. Each Infobox page should have documentation describing how to use them.


InfoboxFish Style Guide.png

See image for a guide on how to use NWDB to fill in this infobox.