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See below for our to-do list, and feel free to discuss or reach out on Discord as well! Alice5150 (talk) 16:47, 14 October 2021 (UTC)


  • Go through all Category:Craft Mods pages for updates (lots changed in November), and add sources
  • Add ability icons and points to weapon mastery pages
  • Work on Uncategorized Pages and Categories in general (
  • Create all Lore Pages (like Letter_of_Greeting)
  • Obtain screenshots of all crafting/refining tier upgrades in game or just use these:
  • Get screenshots and make pages for all NPCs (almost done - need Reekwater, Mountainrise, Rangers, some Fishers, and a couple misc)
  • Finish Debuffs and Buffs pages, house them under "Status Effects" (official game term).
  • Create "Traits" pages (also under "Status Effects") for mob traits like "Explosive"
  • Add Damage Types page and a page for each (with icons), relate them back to weapons and perks
  • Find image for all the Cut Gemstone Perks Category:Cut_Gemstone_Perks
  • Get screenshot of a Spirit Shrine map icon
  • Add walkthroughs and tasks to stories (quests)
  • Create all POI (Points of Interest) pages with details - use MapGenie with no filters to see all. List resources with <br> between them in the infobox. Lore Documents, Named Enemies, and NPCs should be outside the infobox with their own headers. Also mention fishing hotspots. Example: Saircor
  • Expand on promotions pages detailing Twitch drops/events/etc.
  • Make all mined items pages look like Ori: Orichalcum_Vein
  • Update all resources pages with the proper categories, and make sure those categories are in either "Reagents" or "Arcana". Example: Rivercress Flower
  • Update all automatic infobox data pages to use .png rather than .jpg and replace all jpgs with pngs
  • Create Storage Chests page, make similar to Satchels, but not using DPL.
  • Fill in Faction Armory tables: Covenant#Covenant_Ranks_.26_Armory, Marauders#Marauder_Ranks_.26_Armory, Syndicate#Syndicate_Ranks_.26_Armory
  • Expand on enemy pages by adding all types of each. Example: "Brute" is a type of Withered, "Timber Wolf" is a type of wolf (which is a type of beast).
  • Create all fish pages like Medium Bluefish
  • Add water type to Fishing Hotspots table
  • Add all Territory Fish category pages to each corresponding territory page. Ex: Category:Windsward Fish on Windsward. Also add to Fishing page
  • Make a main "Fish" page, add a table similar to the one used on territory pages to pull in pages by category
  • Make individual hotspot pages with InfoboxHotspot like Hotspot 14
  • Get an in-game photo of each Spirit Shrine and make individual pages (ex: Mallory's Refuge)
  • Create Duels page
  • Update Spirit Shrine with the new ones (December update)


  • Update all NPC pages with the correct NWDB link format (Category:NPCs). Example: Fei Lixin
  • Make all magical creatures pages (ie Floating Spinefish) - use InfoboxResourceNode