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Gathering is a core gameplay element in New World.

Leveling Gathering skills

Leveling up a Gathering Skill unlocks the ability to gather different, higher-level resources. Miners gather Stone and Ore, Skinners gather animal hides, Loggers gather wood, and Harvesters gather plants. As your skill at gathering increases, you also gain the ability to detect nearby valuable resources on your in-game compass, and find special Rare Resources that can add special Perks to crafted items.[1]

Gathering Skills

There are currently 5 Gathering skills in New World, each with their associated Tool:

Other Gathering

Some types of gatherable resources do not utilize a Tool and do not require any Gathering skill to perform. They do not benefit from bonuses on Tools or otherwise, because they are gathered by "hand".

Gathered Resources

See the Gathered Resource Category for a list of gathered resources, organized by Gathering Skill type.