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Furnishing is a crafting skill in the New World.


Furnishers craft furniture, storage, and house trophies. Players with a low level of skill in Furnishing will be able to craft decorative items for their houses. Higher level Furnishers will also be able to craft trophies, which grant passive bonuses for things such as combat and crafting, and storage.[1] The total amount of experience required to achieve 200 furnishing is 7,922,000. Unlike with other crafting skills, there are no boosts to the quantity or quality of furnishing items.



Stain is a crafting resource required to create Furnishing items.

Tier Required Name Furnishing Skill Exp Awarded
Tier 2 Ash Stain x10 Lv. 0 14
Tier 3 Maple Stain x10 Lv. 50 84
Tier 4 Oak Stain x10 Lv.100 336
Tier 5 Mahogany Stain x10 Lv. 150 1,344