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Fishing at the pond outside of Windsward.

Fishing is one of 5 gathering skills in New World.

Fishing Hotspots

Fishing Hotspots act like fishing nodes, greatly increasing how fast fish bite your line. See the Fishing Hotspots page for more details, including a list of what Fishing skill level each hotspot unlocks.


Use bait to increase your chance of catching rarer or bigger fish. You can gather, cook, and loot different baits.

Fishing Rods

A Fishing Pole is the Tool used in fishing, created with the Engineering craft. Better poles affect 3 things:

  • Increased casting distance
  • Tension recovery
  • A slight modifier to fish rarity

There are also specific fishing Perks for rods and apparel.

Fishing Stories

The Fishing Stories (quests) begin with Fishing With Shields, given by Master Fisher Michael Shields just west of Windsward Settlement. The storyline sends you all over Aeternum, so be ready to enter some dangerous places for your fishing adventures!

Fish Species and Information

There is a wide array of fish, including several species of fish, in all the waters (fresh and salt!) of Aeternum. See the individual fish pages in the Fish Category (under construction) for species, weight/length ranges, where to fish them up, XP gained, what they salvage to, and more!

How to Fish

Fishing Steps.png
  • Equip a Fishing Pole tool.
  • Find a body of water and stand near it. (You can even fish in some towns!)
  • Press F3 to pull out your pole and bait.
    • Optional: Press R to add bait to your line.
  • Hold LMB (left mouse button) to cast your line.
  • Release LMB at the desired cast distance.
    • A longer cast distance makes fish easier to reel in, as you have more "slack" when they fight.
    • When your line lands, the water depth and cast distance will be displayed.
    • If your line lands in an active hotspot, you will see green text that says "Landed on Hotspot!" rather than the depth.
  • When you're about to get a bite, it will say Get ready!
  • When you see Hook! click LMB to hook the fish. You will have short window of time to do this, shown with the colored circle around the picture of a hook next to a fish, that quickly depletes.
    • If you miss the hook, you will have to cast again.
  • If hooked, you will get a green checkmark and the message Reel in. Hold LMB to reel in.
    • You will receive 10 Fishing XP and 5 character XP for hooking the fish.
  • Watch the tension meter, and release LMB to give slack as needed. Do not let the tension raise too high or your line will snap.
    • The tension color will go from green, to orange, to blinking red - red means it will snap soon, be careful!
  • Reel in the fish until the white circle on the outside of the tension meter completes the circle, and the distance reaches 0.0m.
  • Congratulations! You've caught a fish!
    • You will receive Fishing XP, character XP, and the fish.
    • You can then salvage the fish to receive items like fish filets, fish oil, and other crafting ingredients.