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Empty Fire Staff Mastery Screen

Fire Staff Mastery has two trees: Fire Mage and Pyromancer.

Fire Staff is the weapon mastery for Fire Staffs in New World. It is divided into the Fire Mage and Pyromancer trees.

"Points" refers to how many points you must spend in that particular skill tree before you can unlock that particular ability.

Fire Mage


Pillar of Fire

Icon Title Points Description
Pillar of Fire 0 A targeted spell that deals 134% weapon damage. Costs 15 Mana.
First Strike Pillar of Fire deals 40% more damage to foes at full health.
Arson's Advantage Gain 10% of your max mana per enemy hit by Pillar of Fire.

Meteor Shower

Icon Title Points Description
Meteor Shower Channel a spell that rains down meteors, dealing 34% weapon damage on initial impact and an additional 20% weapon damage per second while targets remain in the AOE. Costs 5 Mana Per Second (30 total mana at full cast).
Immolation The initial hit of Meteor Shower gives you 1% of your max mana for each target hit.
Fiery Determination Adds Grit while casting Meteor Shower. (Grit is an added stagger resistance that stops attacks from being interrupted by reactions)
Judgment of Helios All hits after the initial impact now deal 25% weapon damage.


Icon Title Points Description
Fireball Fire off a heavy fireball that deals 140% weapon damage on impact and leave a 3m burning field that lasts 6s. The burning field dealing 10% weapon damage each second. Costs 25 Mana.
Scorched Earth Fireball's burning field persists for 9s.
Catch Direct hits with Fireball give you 10% of your max mana and reduces your Fire Staff cooldowns by 7%.


Icon Title Points Description
Spell Focus Heavy Attacks restore 5% of your max mana on hit.
Fiery Restoration Heavy Attacks reduce Fire Staff cooldowns by -10% on hit.
Clear Mind While above 50% mana: you gain 10% Empower. (Empower increases damage.)
Flare Heavy Attacks no longer consume mana.
Singe When you get a Critical hit with the Fire Staff, cause burning, dealing 3% weapon damage each second for 6s.
Spellslinger Your abilities gain an extra 15% chance to critical strike.
Clear Casting If you haven't taken damage in the last 3s, deal 10% more damage.
Prophet of a Fire God While holding a Fire Staff, your critical strike damage is increased by 20%.
Runes of Helios Casting a fire spell places a 2m rune on the ground increasing your spell damage by 30% while standing in the rune. The rune lasts for 7s. (Cooldown 30s).




Icon Title Points Description
Incinerate Cause a fiery explosion dealing 130% weapon damage and pushes back all enemies 3m. Catches enemies on fire dealing 3% weapon damage each second for 6s. Costs 22 Mana.
Scorched Each hit of Incinerate causes an additional stack of burning.
Cauterize Wounds Restore 20% of Incinerate damage dealt as health.
Flame Out! Incinerate hits twice.


Icon Title Points Description
Flamethrower Create a jet of flame from the tip of staff dealing 34% weapon damage each second. Each hit catches enemies on fire dealing 3% weapon damage each second for 6s. Costs 5 Mana per second.
Fire's Reach Increase the range of Flamethrower by 50%.
Infernal Flames Increase the base damage of Flamethrower by 25%.
Pyro Dancer Flamethrower has no cooldown.

Burn Out

Icon Title Points Description
Burn Out Dash through targets dealing 129% weapon damage on hit. Passing through a target will catch the target on fire applying a Burn that deals 10% weapon damage each second for 8s. Costs 30 Mana.
All In Fire Staff cooldowns are reduced by 5% for each foe hit by Burn Out.
Heat it Up! Burn Out goes 50% further.


Icon Title Points Description
Pyromania While holding a Fire Staff and below 50% max health: damage is increased by 20%.
Heat Up When you block a Melee attack, restore 5% of your max mana.
Let it Burn Whenever burn deals damage, gain 10% Fortify for 2s. (Fortify reduces damage taken.)
Kindle Burning lasts 20% longer.
Watch it Burn Light attacks cause the enemy to catch fire dealing 3% weapon damage each second for 6s.
Trial by Fire When you are struck, create a field of fire around you dealing 5% weapon damage to all to nearby enemies in a 4m radius. Activates when struck in battle and lasts for 10 seconds. (Cooldown 120s.)
Combat Speed When you activate a Fire Staff ability, gain 10% Haste for 5s. (cooldown 10s)
Reheat After 6s without activating a Fire Staff ability, your mana regen is increased by 400%.

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