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A player at the crafting station with tools and smithy in the background. Promotional screenshot.

Crafting is a core gameplay element in New World. There are multiple crafting skills that allow the player to combine gathered and refined resources to create consumables, weapons, apparel, and house furnishings.

Crafting Skills

There are currently 7 crafting skills in New World:

Leveling Crafting Skills

Leveling a crafting skill unlocks more recipes and more powerful versions of them, along with some other things we will go over in more detail in our upcoming Crafting article.


Crafting stations in each Settlement (and some Outposts) visually upgrade with each new tier, making it easier for players to visually distinguish the level of each settlement's various stations. Check the town map for icons showing where each station is located. See below for a list of pages detailing recipes and materials of each station.



Amounts Crafted

As a player's crafting skill increases, the yield for certain crafts increases. For instance, a low level Arcanist might produce one Healing Tincture per crafting attempt, while a high level Arcanist might produce two or more.[1] The skills that have a chance at producing extra materials are:

The basis for this increase in yield is calculated by 4 factors:

  1. The base chance for that tier to create extra items.
  2. The skill level divided by a factor of 10.
  3. The refining material used.
  4. The difference in tier between the refining material used and the final product.

Let's say you mined a lot of Iron Ore, went back to town and wished to smelt some steel for steel tools. In your journeys you found an uncommon material called Shelldust Flux, which is a Tier IV item! You are crafting Steel Ingots, which are Tier III. You are refining 75 ingots and your refining skill is 100. Your Extra Material Chance will be 58% for a potential addition of up to 43.5 materials, which round to 43 or 44 materials over time.

The base chance for steel ingots is -2%. We add a 10% chance because 100 Refining Skill divided by 10 is 10. This gives us a Base Extra Material Chance of 8%. Steel Ingots are Tier III, Shelldust Flux is Tier IV. This 1 level positive difference in refining material gives a 50% increased chance for extra material, and we thus have 8% + 50% = 58%!

Mathematically this looks like this:

There are some items that do not have the base material chance at all, such as keystones for expeditions or certain legendary (Tier V) items. Many of the Tier V items also have a base chance of -20% and therefore even at 200 refining skill this confers a 0% chance for extra materials.

However, there are gear sets in the game (in batches of 5 for full sets of gear) that give +2% yield each for a total chance of 10% extra while wearing all 5 pieces. This is how some tier V items such as Asmodeum will have a max 10% chance for extra materials!

Gear Score

As a player's crafting ability increases, the potential range of gear score for crafted items increases. Eventually, the minimum crafted gear score will also increase. This increase means that gear crafted from a lower-tier material by a highly skilled craftsman could potentially grant a higher gear score than the same item crafted from a higher-tier material by a lesser skilled craftsman.


As a player's crafting skill increases, they likelihood that they will craft an item with an Empty Gem Socket or Perks increases.

Players may use Azoth, a magical element found throughout Aeternum, while crafting to increase the power of any bonuses that might appear on a crafted item. You can also utilize Crafting Items to apply specific Perks to your crafted gear. Check out the Crafting Items Page for a detailed list. [2]

Crafted vs. Dropped Items

Crafted items can be "at parity"[3] with, or better than dropped gear. This is made possible by the crafters ability to be "more specific" in targeting desired Perks, as opposed to the randomness inherent in world drops.[4]


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