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Companies are player-run organizations in New World. Each company is affiliated with one of the three Factions, and players cannot join companies from a faction that does not match their own or before choosing a faction. Factions can be chosen as fast as level 8 as long as the quest to choose a faction is completed. Companies can have up to 100 members.[1]


Settlements are hubs of player activity run by Companies on behalf of the Factions. Settlements are established when a Territorial Fort is purchased when the Territory is unoccupied. The settlement can be captured through War.



Permissions - Governor.jpg

The highest rank in a Company. The character that starts a Company will become its Governor. When a Company takes control of a Territory, The Governor of the Company also becomes the Governor of the controlled Territory. They can start Town Projects that result in Settlement upgrades when completed. Setup dues in the form of Territory Upkeep must be paid to the Faction your Company is a part of. In order to pay this Upkeep, the Governor can adjust taxes and fees in their Settlement so that travelers and Residents help to pay the Upkeep as they craft, trade, and live in their houses. They also can make their Settlement more desirable to own a home in by focusing on particular upgrades for particular types of players.


Permissions - Consul.png

A Governor’s second-in-command. A Company can have as many or as few Consuls as it wishes; Consuls have all of the same permissions and powers as the Governor of the Company and Territory they control save two exceptions:

  • Cannot change "Can set the daily Treasury withdrawal limit".
  • Cannot withdraw money directly from the Treasury.

Note that in a new company, the first person invited by the creating Governor will automatically become a Consul.


Permissions - Officer.png

Officers have the power to invite members to the company. They can kick other Settler ranked players. They are unable to promote other players as promoting a Settler would give him/her the same rank as the Officer, which is not possible.


Permissions - Settler.png

This is the lowest rank given to a player in any company in New World. Their permissions are minimalized into chatting with the company and making deposits to the treasury. This should be the default rank for any player you do not trust yet because they just joined the company.

Company Listing

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