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Empty Bow Mastery Screen

Bow Mastery is the weapon mastery for Bows in New World. It is divided into the Skirmisher and Hunter trees.

"Points" refers to how many points you must spend in that particular skill tree before you can unlock that particular ability.



Poison Shot

Icon Title Points Description
Poison Shot 0 Shoot a poison arrow that deals 50% weapon damage. On hit or land, this arrow creates 3m radius poison cloud that lasts 6s. Foes entering the cloud are poisoned and take 10% weapon damage per second for 20s. This ability cannot headshot. Cooldown 30s.
Infected Arrows Poison Shot's poison now does 12% weapon damage per second for 20s.
Direct Hit If you directly hit a target with Poison Shot, it deals 200% more damage.

Evade Shot

Icon Title Points Description
Evade Shot Leap back 5m and shoot an arrow, dealing 125% weapon damage.
Evasive Knockback Evade Shot causes knockback of 2m.
Go the Distance Evade Shot grants you a 15% haste for 5s. (Haste increases movement speed. Haste is applied at the end of the ability, rather than at the start, so that the buff duration is not partially lost during the skill animation.)

Rain of Arrows

Icon Title Points Description
Rain of Arrows Shoot a barrage of arrows that covers a 3m radius area and deals 150% weapon damage. This ability cannot headshot.
Barbed Arrows Rain of Arrows causes bleed, dealing 85% weapon damage over 12s. (max 3 stacks.)
Hooked Arrows Rain of arrows causes a 15% slow for 4s. (Slow reduces targets movement speed.)


Icon Title Points Description
Evasive Tactics After you dodge: Deal 20% more damage for 5s.
Catch Me If You Can If surrounded by 3 or more foes within 3m of you, gain 20% Haste (you move faster.)
Closing In Hitting a foe below 50% health: reduces bow ability recharge by 5%.
Impale If you hit a foe with 100% health, cause 10% slow for 2s.
Hunter's Insight Hitting a foe with a debuff grants 5 stamina.
Dodge and Weave After you dodge: Gain 10% haste for 2s. (you move faster.)
Archer's Speed Gain 10% haste for 5s when you swap to your bow. (10s cooldown)
Mark Deal 10% more damage to foes suffering from a debuff.
Battle Precision Debuff and damage over time durations last 20% longer.
Knee Shot Leg shots cause 10% slow for 2s (slow causes target to move slower.).



Rapid Shot

Icon Title Points Description
Rapid Shot Shoot 3 consecutive arrows. The first two dealing 100% weapon damage each. The last shot causes a knockback and deal 125% weapon damage. Cooldown 14s.
Rapid Accuracy If all 3 arrows consecutively hit the same target Rapid Shot’s cooldown is reduced by 50%.
Final Blow 3rd Shot of Rapid Shot deal 25% extra damage.

Penetrating Shot

Icon Title Points Description
Penetrating Shot Shoot an arrow dealing 150% weapon damage that passes through targets and continues for 100 meters.
Blood Soaked Arrow Increased damage by 10% after each hit. (max 50% damage.)
Deep Strike Penetrating Shot deals 20% more damage to targets 20m or more away.

Splinter Shot

Icon Title Points Description
Splinter Shot Shoot an arrow that splits into 3 arrows after traveling 10m. Each arrow deals 50% weapon damage. This ability cannot headshot.
Scatter Shot Splinter Shot splits into 5 arrows.
Calculated Reduce cooldown shot per hit by 10%.
Long Range Deal 20% more damage to foes at least 10m away.


Icon Title Points Description
Aim True Heavy attacks arrows fly faster and deal 30% more damage.
Unbreakable Focus Receive 10% less damage while aiming.
Finishing Shot If your target is below 50% health: Deal 20% more damage.
Opening Strike Heavy attacks deal +20% damage to foes with 100% health.
Surprise Attack If you haven't damaged a foe in the last 10s: Deal 20% extra damage.
Arrow Range Increased arrow distance before start of gravity by 100%.
Hawkeye When you land a headshot, heal yourself for 10% of damage done.
Bullseye Bow shots critical chance increase by 10%.
Concussion When you land a headshot, you deal 20% more damage and a 50% chance to get your arrow back.

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