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Billsawyer Billsawyer 19 October 2021

Mostly Fishing Edits

I spent today making some edits to fishing, mostly in the form of fish caught. I added images for the fish. I noticed the template, but I don't have enough info to fill it out for the fish I added.

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Ferretwings Ferretwings 1 October 2021

Wiki fonts and colors

When choosing fonts and colors for a wiki, I always begin with analyzing the game's website.

The New World website uses two fonts: "IM Fell DW Pica" and "Amazon Ember"; the forums uses "Metropolis" (which I haven't looked up yet) and "Arial". These fonts need to be imported before they can be used by the wiki. Place in MediaWiki:Common.css:

|- | content  || - || .01em || || style= "line-height:1.5; padding-top: .5em;"| if image background:
text-shadow: 0 0 4px #eeefed |- | default wiki text || - ||  || || |- | colspan=5 style="border-top:0; height:1em;"| |- ! colspan=5 style= "line-height: .1; border-bottom: 1px #999 solid;" | Default fonts |- | Times || || |- | Times Roman || || |- | Times New Roman || || |- | Aria…

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Mbw77 Mbw77 23 September 2021

New Company in New World

Company:Jumanji | New World Wiki | Fandom

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LinkinBreak LinkinBreak 17 September 2021

Testing DPL

page to test thing on

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Alice5150 Alice5150 11 July 2021

New World Wikia Discord!

Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce that the New World Wiki Discord will launch on July 20th, 2021 (the same date closed beta starts). We can use this server to house to-do lists, coordinate projects, help new editors learn the ropes, and more. I have not opened up public invitations yet, due to making sure we follow the rules related to NDA and alpha data. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to me on Discord if you'd like an invite on the 20th.

Edit: You're now welcome to join me and other editors on the New World Wiki Discord! Click here!

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RAKCUS RAKCUS 17 June 2021

New World Companies How to

For starters read about Companies if you are not familiar with how they work in New World and add a listing >here< if you plan on having your own in New World. In this article I, User:RAKCUS, will enlighten those who want to create or join a successful company in New World on how to go about it.

  • 1 Creating
  • 2 Recruitment
  • 3 Combat
  • 4 Goal

To create a company hit ESC or press the default company key, G, while in game to bring up the company UI. Here you can choose your companies' crest which is limited by your faction, faction's pattern design, color of your crest, and finally the companies' name.

Companies are listed in game for all to see and apply to. There are also a number of sites that list potential companies to join or to post a listing for othe…

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RAKCUS RAKCUS 15 June 2021

New World Lore Theories and Questions

I, User:RAKCUS, have been constantly scouring all the information presented about Aeternum in New World to piece together what exactly the history of Aeternum entails. In this article I will reveal all my amazing findings about what kind of a world awaits you when New World goes live on August 31.

These facts are of June 16, 2021 and will be updated as more information is revealed.

  • New World is set in an alternative version of the 17th century.
  • Aeternum is an island where the events in New World primarily take place located between eastern North America and west of Europe. The island is surrounded by a storm, named the Stormwall.
  • Seemingly human-made structures exist on Aeternum. (Probably built by the Ancients)
  • Azoth is a mineral that runs bel…

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New World Combat Mechanics and Recommendations

New World is 5 days away from Beta Testing and its time to gather information for all those looking for a head start. In this blog I, RAKCUS, will try to share all the information I have gathered on the actual combat in the game as well as give recommendations on how to excel when your time on Aeternum comes.

  • 1 Combat Mechanics
  • 2 Skill Requirements
  • 3 External factors
  • 4 Recommendations
    • 4.1 Hardware
    • 4.2 Practice

This is all the information I have gathered as of the June Part 1 Alpha Update

  • Melee weapon attacks cause a stun on every hit and to breakout you must time your dodge or block to stop the chain of crowd control(CC). Chaining CC is known as stun locking. The window to dodge or block weapon light attacks stun locking is less than a second.
  • Roll and move…

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