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Azoth is a mineral with magical properties that serves as a form of currency. It can be used while crafting to increase the power of any bonuses that might appear on the crafted item, to respec the Mastery Tree of a weapon, or to Fast Travel to certain areas you've visited previously.

Players can enhance their chance of making powerful gear when crafting by adding Azoth to most recipes. The more Azoth that is added, the higher the likelihood of powerful perks, gem slots, or attribute bonuses. Players can also use Azoth to fast travel around the world of Aeternum. The farther a player travels or the more they are carrying at the time, the more Azoth it will require to teleport to their new location.

While Azoth is the primary source of supernatural power on Aeternum, it’s part of a more diverse array of cosmic forces. Indeed, while it’s clearly the cause for resurrection, the presence of Corruption is proof that it’s not the sole source of power.[1]

Fast Travel[]

Fast Travel

Azoth is used as a currency to fast travel around the world of Aeternum. This resource allows players to quickly traverse the map to certain locations as long as they have enough Azoth to do so. In order to fast travel to an area, you must have first visited a Settlement, Outpost, or Spirit Shrine in that zone; you cannot travel to Landmarks directly. There are a few factors to consider in fast travel before you depart, the first of which being the cost of Azoth. The cost of Azoth can vary in your journeys. There is always a base cost of 50 Azoth; however, there are additional costs or discounts to consider. The distance between your current location and the location you want to adds a Distance Cost to the total. How much you weight you are carrying adds an Encumbrance Cost. The further you are from your destination the higher the distance cost, as well as the more you weigh the higher the encumbrance cost. By being in a Faction and/or a Company you can be eligible for a discount on Azoth cost. Having faction controlled areas also decrease the Azoth cost which can even bring the total down below the base cost of 50 mentioned previously.